Hello, I am the EEZYtrader Commander TIM

I am your arbitrage Trading Bot Working 24/7 for you to make Profits.
You can set up your favourite pairs, use trading strategy from professionals or click on Auto Trade, and I will start working for you.
Your funds will be always save on your account I am only aloud to read and execute trades.
We are working with Binance exchange and with Eco exchange Coinxplus, where no KYC is required.

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Why EEZYtrader is Different?

We're building an exchange that will bring anyone who believes in crypto to join the digital cryptocurrency revolution. The world is moving on to this revolution at an unprecedented pace.

Fully functional

Simple and easy to operate, one-click start, and intelligent fool-style quantitative financial management

24/7 Live Chat

Need help? Our support team is available 24/7.

Secure Data

Ignore the bulls and bears, two-way arbitrage, fund security, cross the bulls and bears

The robust advantages of EEZYtrader are

One-click to start the quantitative trading system to realize automatic intelligent trading.

  • Quantitative Trading Strategy
  • Simple and easy to operate
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Security
  • Management team
  • Real Time Strategy
  • Integration ready
  • 24x7 Customer Live Support
  • Compliance driven process
  • Workforce management

EEZYtrader Features

The EEZYtrader system adopts a multi-strategy, multi-technology merging intelligent mechanism. Users only need to select the corresponding investment style and one click to start. The system will intelligently match the corresponding quantification strategy according to the market situation. Customers maximize their profits.


We’ve left no stone unturned to make EEZYtrader world’s most secure exchange. We’re investing in regular security audits to ensure a highly secured trading platform for World.

Without KYC

You can choose between Binance Exchange or Eco Exchange Coinxplus. In the case that Coinxplus is a crypto to crypto exchange there is no KYC required


EEZYtrader can handle Millions of transactions. Our system infrastructure can scale up in a few seconds to match surging demand.

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EEZYtrader offers a seamless and powerful trading experience across all platforms - on Android & iOS mobile apps


Trading on the EEZYtrader platform is a super fast experience you’ll fall in love with! We’ve built technology used by Millions, and that experience has helped us build this powerful exchange.


We’re a team of hardcore traders & passionate blockchain believers. We understand exactly what you need. Powerful graphs, mobile apps, etc are features being built into EEZYtrader from day 1.

The Most Uses APP Platform

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Frequently Asked Queries

Helpful information about the EEZYtrader and the specific cryptocurrencies that are supported in the EEZY Wallet.


You have to sign up to the EEZY Trader App and bind with Binance

Yes, you can synchronise trading strategies from professionals or use Auto Trading with one click and make profits!

No. Funds are always in your wallet. You need an account on Binance. Our trading Bot Commander Tim is only aloud to read and execute trades. Funds are always in your hand!

Yes, there is an outstanding Affilate program. You can get commissions from Profits of your team.

What Our Client Say About Apdash

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Our Partners

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